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Friday, July 11, 2008

BIg Night for the Nuts!

Last night I fulfilled one of my dreams and showed my family the Nuts. We had a ball! It was a pretty exciting first three innings as the Nuts came out swinging and rose to a 14-2 lead, then they just hung around the rest of the night not doing anything - in fact neither team did anything as 14 - 2 was the final score. Talk about lop-sided! Things are looking pretty hairy this season for the home team, the Inland Empire 66ers. Jordan supported the Nuts for about an inning and a half, then he lost interest and would go exploring. At the top of the seventh inning we were ready to leave because he was getting a little testy, then I heroically ran down a foul ball for him and, with his ball in his hands, he got his second wind.

Here are some Nut pictures:

Jordan enjoying the first inning stretch.

I was proud of these two pictures I took. On this one the ball is visible about 6 feet ahead of the batter. It ended up being a strike.

And in this one the ball is just below the Nut's knees. (Click to enlarge)

Wearing my Nuts hat.

My favorite pair.

The kid still gets his balls mixed up - he kept acting like it was a basketball.


Fat Joe said...

Did you try the funnel cakes? Probably overpriced and not as good as the organic made-from-goat hair kind. Nonsense.

Benji said...

I'm trying to get down to 180 by thanksgiving, so there won't be any funnel cakes for me for a while.
Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas.

Malya said...

Look how beautiful your family is! Our little Maisie is looking at the pics saying she wants to see "baby and the ball"- looks like a crush to me...